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Collectors sites
cpu-collection.de morkork's huge CPU collection, updated regularly with background information, newsletter and many non-x86 chips
www.cpu-world.com Gennadiy's huge collection, many prototypes and younger processors, has forum for trades & discussions
www.cpu-sammlung.de Boris Zeibig's collection, just relaunched
www.cpu-info.com Job Seesink's collection with interesting articles
cpu-collection.com Anthony's cpu collection
deuttai.com Thierry's CPU collection
Computer History in general
www.redhill.net.au/iu.html Great introduction to PC history with images and explainations, from a retailer's perspective
www.8bit-museum.de Great collection of home computers - site is in german language
Other computer-related informational sites
www.cpu-kuehler.de A CPU cooler museum
www.sandpile.org Premier source for technical information on x86 CPUs
www.theinquirer.net Daily News on computer business
www.realworldtech.com In-depth technical analyses and help for professionals
nice people
kielb.de My Love - Sybille
sven-soehnlein.de My best friend - Sven